Anne from Clayton, NC loves her right drive Jeep Cherokee...

Right Hand Drive testimonial from Clayton, NC

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to let you know we arrived safe and sound back in North Carolina with no problems. Took the long way home. Went through Ohio and the mountains in Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Want to get some strange looks? Drive a RHD on a trip. What a hoot!

After I had surgery on my left shoulder, there was no way I could deliver mail from my regular mail car. It was just too painful. I looked on the internet and in our Rural Carrier Magazine but they were either too expensive or had too many miles on them. Thankfully, I found your website.

Thanks to everyone at US Drive Right. I am so pleased with my Jeep Cherokee. You all made the buying process so easy and even took care of the details right down to a full tank of gas for the drive home. I had no trouble getting a title or passing N.C. inspections. I am sure that when I am in need of another vehicle for my route, it WILL come from US Drive Right!

Again, my thanks to Bruce, Larry, Lisa, Marlin and his lovely wife. You guys are the best!

—Anne, Rural Carrier, Clayton, NC

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