US Drive Right's Proven Process

US Drive Right provides a premium selection of factory right hand drive vehicles to United States postal workers by hand-selecting each to meet our strict qualifications. Every Jeep Cherokee we sell is imported from Japan, where they were used as personal-owner vehicles. None of the factory right hand drive vehicles we sell have route miles.

Selecting Vehicles to Import

US Drive Right only imports our Jeep Cherokees from Japan because they were originally manufactured right here in the United States for right hand driving.

Each Jeep Cherokee we sell was made between the years 1994 and 2000 due to the requirements set by the Federal Department of Transportation. Currently, the only right hand drive vehicle the United States Government has approved US Drive Right for import is the Jeep Cherokee manufactured between these specific years.

Every vehicle US Drive Right imports meets the following standards:

  • Low mileage
  • No accidents
  • No major mechanical issues                           
  • Exterior condition has parking lot wear only
  • No major interior rips, stains, or tears

Inspections and Services

After the factory right hand drive vehicle arrives in the United States, it goes through a series of inspections and services by US Drive Right's Technicians.

  • Cosmetic inspection of the interior and exterior
  • Road testing
  • Mechanical inspection and repairs
  • Modification to meet DOT/EPA standards
  • Final road test and full inspection
  • Complete detail of the interior and exterior

Contact US Drive Right today if you are interested in purchasing a vehicle or would like more information on our process.